Every Monday night at Rocky Top Worship Center

6:00pm - Appetizers & Fellowship
7:00pm - Bible Study


One Step Up is a unique program designed to bring people from a struggling life of addiction to a more complete relationship with Christ. A lot of programs offer 12 steps to recovery when in reality there is only one step that can truly change a person’s life… It is the realization of the finished work of Jesus Christ. Once we understand the completeness of God's love and redemption, transformation of life happens.

How It Works...
Relationship.... Relationship.... Relationship.... God wants a relationship with each one of us. God is NOT mad at you! However, religion has distorted the image of the Father in the eyes of so many and caused them to stand far off from the source of help. We can scripturally show how and why God is NOT mad at us. Understanding this helps us approach Him as a loving, merciful Father and helps us to know exactly who He has made us to be. We believe teaching One Step.... Jesus, is enough to set anyone free.

Who is it for?
One Step Up is designed to help people overcome addiction whether from drugs, alcohol or anything else controlling their life. It is also designed to help family members and friends struggling with those who are addicted. Addiction affects more than the user; it affects the whole family. Trust is broken, relationships are shattered. It is difficult to know how to help without enabling. One Step Up offers transformation, healing and hope for all entangled in the web addiction weaves through lives. Counseling is offered to all those impacted. All men and women 18 years of age and older are invited to attend.

Where and When?
Every Monday at 6:00 pm we will meet at Rocky Top Worship Center for coffee and refreshments. This will give an opportunity to get to know one another and fellowship. There will be a speaker scheduled at 7:00 pm with a question & answer time to follow. Individual counseling sessions may be scheduled with members of our ministry team.