Our church has always had an amazing worship team through the years. In 2014, the name of our town was changed from Lake City to Rocky Top. Our church also chose to enter the new season as well and we changed our name from Lake City Christian Fellowship to Rocky Top Worship Center. Our worship team transitioned at the same time and we chose the name Rocky Top Worship Band. Since 2014, the worship team has been led by Lauren Helton. There are a few people who are still on the worship team that have been here since the beginning. We also have people who have only been involved for a few years and some are brand new. And as with any worship team, people come and go and seasons change but the heart and purpose of this worship team has always been the same. No one person can do it alone and we are always better together.

Our heart as a team is to worship! There's no greater joy than releasing our worship to create an atmosphere of healing, deliverance, freedom, and love. We love what we do!! We have so many talented people on this team and each person brings their own unique spice to mix so that when we come together to do what we love, it's incredible!!! We are simply just a bunch of musicians and singers who love to worship and see lives being changed when Christ is presented!! He is truly all we need!!!



Lauren Helton
Worship Leader; Vocals; Piano


Sheryl Dugger

Selina Roberts

Lou Ann Roberts

Choir Members:     Shirley Roberts     Lisa Lindsay     Marlie Martinez     Joan Premo     Gidget Coronado     Sandra Eubanks



compact discs


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